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For Parent Schoology resources (getting set up, how to's, etc.), please visit our parent page @ Parent Schoology Information

Schoology is the Puyallup School District’s Learning Management System. Teachers, students and parents all have access to Schoology. Teachers will post lessons, calendar items and content in Schoology. Students will access content, assessments and even upload quizzes and tests to Schoology.  This System has many features that will allow your student to take charge of their own learning. A few key features, once we are fully implemented, will include:

  •  Students will soon be able to see some scores as soon as they submit assignments so they can learn from their mistakes.

  •  Students can collaborate from home via the discussion board.

  •  No more lost papers; students have access to ALL course materials 24 hours a day no matter where they are via the internet or the Schoology mobile app on their smart phones

  •  No more confusion about due dates! Students (and parents) can check due dates any time, and connect their email, smartphone, other digital devices directly to Schoology so they will know immediately if dates change!

    Schoology allows Students to access learning from almost anywhere, anytime.