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Nurse/ Health Room

Nurse                  Health Clerk
Celeste Cook       Linda  Ariota


Nurse/Health Room Phone:  (253) 435-6831

If Your Child Feels Sick
If your child feels ill, they need to get their planner pass signed from their teacher and go to the health room immediately.  They need to sign in the log book.  The nurse will take their temperature and call their parents/guardians if they need to go home.  Please have students stay home if they are ill before school.


Emergencies and First Aid
Care will be given up to the limits of state law.  An aid car will be summoned for injuries or illnesses that are judged to require more than basic first aid.  It is very important that you have current emergency contacts and phone numbers on file in the health room.


Picking Up Sick Students
If your student becomes ill at school, and needs to go home, he or she can only leave with someone listed on their enrollment card.  Please be sure that anyone who you may want to pick up your student is on that card.  They need to bring their ID in with them.  Thank you.


Student may not administer medications to themselves at school.  This includes over-the-counter and prescription medicine.  School district employees can give them medication when the proper procedures are followed.   If your son/daughter is under the care of a doctor or dentist and needs to take medicine, please follow this procedure:

Ask the nurse for a medication request form.  Your doctor and parents must sign it.

Parent returns the form to the nurse along with a limited amount of the necessary medication (in the original container).

The medication is kept in a locked cabinet in the health room.  

The student will come to the health room (with a pass) when they need the medication, and the health clerk/nurse will dispense and document it.

Additional Information
For more information visit the
Puyallup School District Health Services website.