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Volunteering Time
For those who would like to come in to help.

If you would like to volunteer in the classroom there are a number of ways you can help make a difference. I love working with parents, and any level of interaction will be appreciated. If you would like to simply drop by once, we can make it helpful, or if you would like to come in routinely, I would love to have you as well. Tasks can range from setting up/breaking down activities, helping students who have questions, administrative tasks, video-taping the class for absent students, etc. Perhaps you simply want to come in and see your child in action-let me know! 


The best way to get this started is to email me. You can do this through the website or for quick reference my email is: [email protected] - Let me know when you would like to come in, if you would like it to be a one time or routine, and what types of tasks you would like to be involved in.