Improvement Activities

School-wide Initiatives

  • AVID Core Skills (Organization, Note-taking, Questioning, Collaboration)
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) - Approach to supporting struggling students
  • Falcon Flight Time - Intervention/Base Camp/Enrichment Rotation
  • Falcon Flight Time - Study Skills Intervention - 7th Grade
  • Falcon Flight Time Intervention - Keyboarding Skills - 7th Grade
  • Falcon Flight Time - Base Camp Structure - Tuesday (CNN Student News and Discussion on Current Events), Wednesday (Reading), Thursday (SOAR - Study, Organize, Ask Questions, Reassess)
  • Homework Club - After school assistance with Homework/Class work
  • Student-Led Conferences (Goal Setting, Assessment Results, Student Reflection)
  • 7th Grade Summit Activities, Connections and Reunions
  • On-Time Graduation Specialist (OTGS) for 9th Grade
  • Credit Retrieval Options (Second Semester)
  • Academic Counseling Support


  • RTI Reading Pull-Out Support - 7th & 8th Grade
  • Falcon Flight Time - Reading Intervention
  • Falcon Flight Time - Reading Enrichment
  • STAR Reading Assessment - Progress Monitoring
  • Special Education - Resource Reading & Written Language


  • RTI Math Pull-Out Support - 7th & 8th Grade
  • RTI Math Push-In Support - 7th & 8th Grade
  • RTI Math Pull-Out Support - 9th Grade
  • Targeted Algebra Support Class
  • Falcon Flight Time - Math Intervention
  • STAR Math Assessment - Progress Monitoring
  • Special Education - Resource Math
  • Supplemental Programs (IXL, Khan Academy, etc.)

Staff Professional Development

Aylen Junior High School throughout the 2016-17 school year will be engaged in various professional development activities with the goal of improving instruction, student growth and achievement.  Some of these professional development topics include:

  • AVID Core Skills (Organization, Note Taking, Collaboration and Levels of Questioning)
  • Formative Assessment
  • GLAD Strategies
  • Performance Plus (Assessment Reporting Software)
  • Implementing Effective Student-Led Conferences
  • Postive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)
  • Grading & Assessment
  • Essential Standards & Common Classroom Assessments
  • Danielson Intstrucitional Framework for Teaching
  • Reading Essentials
  • Interim Assessment Blocks (IAB's)
  • Emergency & Safety Protocols and Practices
  • Student Growth Goal Setting
  • Implementing Falcon Flight Time Interventions/Enrichments/Base Camp (RTI Model)
  • Student Voice/Culturally Responsive Teaching

Parent, Family, and Community Involvement

Each of our schools strives to engage with the community (PSD School Board Direction – Communication, Engagement and Involvement).  Specific examples/plans of this parent and community engagement can be found on the school’s annual performance report at Aylen_Annual_Performance_Report.pdf

Use of Technology

In each of our schools, technology is a primary tool to facilitate instruction and these tools have a positive impact on student learning. Technology also allows our school to communicate effectively with parents through a variety of innovative means. We also use various district software applications for student intervention as we continue to develop Response to Intervention (RTI) systems in our school.

We use the following software applications for this work:

  • Schoology: Contains teacher instructional materials and guidelines; communication for parents, and student access to instructional materials.
  • STAR Reading and Math Assessments: Diagnostic assessments to provided benchmark indicators on student performance in reading and math.
  • PerformancePLUS: Repository for all state, district, and building assessment data; data available to analyze student performance by school teams.
  • School Messenger: Communication tool to inform parents on important school information and student learning events.