Aylen Junior High School Mission Statement:

"Aylen Junior High School recognizes that all students can learn at high levels and we strive to instill growth and develop each child, each day in a welcoming and caring environment."

  Aylen Promotes the qualities of what it means to be "Aylen Strong" with our students:

S - Scholastic
     (Academic achievement & learning focused)

(Selfless service to others & helpful)

T - Timely
     (Work completed on time, every day, excellent attendance)

(Cooperative, collaborative & team players)

R - Respectful
      (Shows respect to others, good manners & great attitude)

(Trustworthy, dependable & reliable)

O - Organized
      (Structured, prepared & well maintained planner & binder)

(Involved in school & community activities & events)

N - No Excuses
      (Removing excuses as a barrier to success)

No Regrets
(Hard worker, put forth best effort all the time, every time)

G - Gritty
      (Perseverance through difficulties & challenges)

(Written academic & career goals and action plans)



Puyallup School District Strategic Directions