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Aylen is a Welcoming School

Aylen 2016 Diversity Board

Aylen Junior High staff and students are committed to respecting others by honoring our diversity and creating a welcoming school environment for everyone, everyday.

Building Representative for Aylen Jr. High: Teresa Clifton

Aylen has three representatives for the Puyallup School District Diversity Committee: 
Teresa Clifton, Erik Gonzales, Linda Garcia

These representatives are responsible for:

  • Advising students, parents, and staff that they are there to listen, help, and document incidents of harrassment, intimidation, bullying, or discrimination. This information is forwarded to the building administrator, who then takes the appropriate response.

  • Participating in monthly meetings with the Office of Equity and Achievement.

  • Meeting regularly with their building administrators to share information.

  • Having access to information, resources, and materials that may assist their colleagues.

Aylen History

Charles H. Aylen Junior High School, or West Junior High School as it was originally named, opened its doors for the first time in November 1962.  
Dr. Sam Peach was the first principal.

 In 1970, the name of the school was changed in honor of Charles H. Aylen, a general practitioner and a 12-year member of the Puyallup School Board.




The original building was remodeled during 1983-1985.

 In September 2008, after a voter approved bond, a new building was constructed and opened to replace the existing building.

 In April of 2013, Aylen celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of the school with a special celebration. 

 Aylen's original school colors were Red and White.  Black and Silver were added later. 

 Aylen's mascot is the Falcon. 


Seven of Aylen's first 10 principals, who gathered at the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration in April 2013.


Pictured above (from left) are seven of the first ten Aylen principals who gathered at a special Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration in April 2013: Dr. Sam Peach, Dave Maxwell, Lloyd Freudenstein, Dr. Linda Quinn, Rick Slater, Dr. Christine Moloney and Kevin Mensonides.


 The rebuilt Aylen Junior High School building opened in September 2008.