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Assistant Principal's Corner
AP Kusche
Falcon Families,

We started this year off with the hope that we would commit daily to creating a welcoming school for everyone who enters our doors. Aylen Staff and student leadership united behind a message of inclusivity, in which everyone would be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness. Because that is the Aylen STRONG way. We are a diverse school steeped in tradition of helping every student reach their full potential. Aylen is a place where we seek to understand others, as we want to be understood. However, recently we have been faced with some ugliness. In some cases this ugliness has been presented as a “joke”, when in-fact any joke that demeans, makes fun of, or implies that another student is “less than” has no place at Aylen. There is nothing humorous about making fun of someone’s race, religion, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation. There is nothing funny about social media posts that degrade another person for their appearance. Such behavior has no place at Aylen. In the last six weeks we heard Stu Cabe challenge us to be kind to others. In honor of Veterans’ Day, Retired Mast Chief Mills reminded us of our veteran’s service above self, including standing strong to preserve our democratic values. As we move forward in this spirit of November’s Thanksgiving, the Aylen staff and students are recommitting our efforts to ensure that Aylen is a STRONG community in which all are valued for who they are.

Warm Regards,

Lisa Kusche, Aylen Assistant Principal